• App Icon Template

    A free photoshop resource for developers and designers making it easier to work with iOS app icons.

    App icon template is a free Photoshop resource that makes it easier for you to make icons. Edit a single object and it’ll automatically render out all the various sizes required on iOS & Android. Built-in textures and colors make it easy to get started and the bundled actions make exporting a breeze.

  • Hypershoot

    Bookmarking tool made for designers

    Hypershoot’s bookmarking tool lets you store anything interesting you come across on the Web in a visually-appealing, Pin-like way.

  • Hookbin

    Capture and Inspect HTTP Requests

    Hookbin is a free service which allows you to intercept, parse, and debug HTTP requests of any kind. By offering a volatile unique URL (called an "Endpoint"), it enables you to issue requests against that endpoint and check what exactly has been transmitted.

  • Let's Encrypt

    Free SSL/TLS Certificates

    Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

  • User Inter Faces

    Find and generate sample avatars for user interfaces

    This tool was born from the daily toil of finding sample avatars for UI mockups, and created by Caleb Ogden.

  • Silk

    Publish your data online

    Silk lets anyone create interactive data visualizations, publish websites, and tell interactive stories.

  • Marvel

    Free mobile & web prototyping (iOS, iPhone, Android) for designers

    Turn sketches, mockups and designs into web, iPhone, iOS, Android and Apple Watch app prototypes.

  • hilite.me

    Source code beautifier / syntax highlighter – convert code snippets to HTML

    hilite.me converts your code snippets into pretty-printed HTML format, easily embeddable into blog posts, emails and websites

  • InVision

    Free Web & Mobile Prototyping (Web, iOS, Android) and UI Mockup Tool

    Transform your Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) designs into clickable, interactive Prototypes and Mockups. Share and Collaborate on them with others.

  • Fluid UI

    Free web and mobile app prototyping

    Design Android, iPhone and desktop apps and run them on your mobile in under 15 minutes.